You know when a speaker has good, crisp diction because you can hear all their words.

When a speaker has poor diction the listener will miss some of their words, feel they are speaking too fast, running words together or not ending sentences.

All these diction problems can severely compromise the speaker’s message.

Many things can impede a speaker’s diction and our Voice Coaches know exactly what they are.

Feedback from our Communication Coaching Programme

The voice coaching sessions over the last two months have definitely helped me to get a much better understanding that my voice can be absolutely critical in getting the message across. I now feel in control of how I speak.

Wonderful. I have learned how to moderate and adjust my voice to the different settings – large groups, speaking as a leader, small groups as a team member, one on one settings.

An excellent, instructive course. I never expect to enjoy these things, but I found myself having such a good time. The games are such a quick way to learn and so much more immediate than the usual lecture. But what I really enjoyed was being let loose on Shakespeare and finding out how to I have never really used my voice.