Executive Communication Skills

Executive Coaching

This programme equips executives with the entire range of skills they need to communicate effectively with a multiplicity of audiences, whether face-to-face or virtual.

This programme reflects our unique protocols that integrate the Science of Communication with the Craft of Performance.  This powerful combination gives clients a deep understanding of the physics of human interaction: this is essential knowledge for executives managing complex roles in ever-changing, challenging business environments.

Armed with this knowledge, clients work with our coaches to build a personalised toolkit of communication skills that will support the demands of the role and enable them to communicate with authority, authenticity, impact, clarity and eloquence.

The Craft of Executive Communication provides clients with a bespoke programme designed for individuals or teams. Depending on the specific objectives, the programme content can be built from the following module options:

  • Confident Impactful Communication
  • Personal Presence
  • Virtual Communication
  • Communicating & Implementing Change
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Managing Meetings
  • Influencing audiences
  • Executive Voice skills
  • Media Communication
  • Bid Coaching
  • Networking
  • Executive Interviews
  • Structure the Narrative of your message
  • Presentation Training & Rehearsal

Feedback from our Executive Coaching Programmes

“Very well organised and made the team feel very much at ease. The team were clear and concise and exercises which brought out the key factors required in making good pitches. Enough depth on one hand, but on the other was gave very practical hints as to how to improve ourselves. His exercises were great and if nothing else I will breathe, breathe, breathe.

The training gave me skills I can use in every area of my work, day-to-day meetings, telecons, conference presentation, but above all, on the trading floor.

I enjoyed your insights on how one relates to audiences and people around you. The facilitation techniques have proved to be very helpful. Thank you! Come back soon to help my team.

I applied your techniques at a presentation to our Board and my chairman said I appeared in command and confident (I was neither when I addressed them last year) and my presentations had improved dramatically.