Communication Coaching

Science & Craft

At the heart of all human interaction and communication is a dynamic rooted in physics: The Audience-Speaker Relationship.

When clients feel they are not communicating in a confident, articulate and impactful manner, this is because they are not controlling the dynamics of the Audience-Speaker Relationship: in fact, that dynamic is controlling them.

Our academic background in the Science of Communication and our practical experience in the Craft of Performance gives us well-grounded expertise in the nature of this dynamic.

This expertise has enabled us to create The Craft of Communication Module Menu™, which addresses all aspects of human behaviour, interaction and communication, offering practical skills that address the entire range of communication issues experienced by our clients.

Our programmes are designed bespoke for individual clients or teams. Depending on the specific objectives, the programme content can be built from the following module options:

  • Audience-Speaker Relationship
  • Receptive & Expressive Communication
  • Developing Confidence
  • Status & Gravitas
  • Body Language
  • Personal Presence
  • Voice Skills
  • Articulating your message
  • Virtual Communication
  • Managing Meetings
  • Presentation Training & Rehearsal

Feedback from our Communication Coaching Programme

An extremely useful day. One of the best training days I have ever attended (I’ve attended quite a few). I’m applying the communication skills in my work life every day now, mainly in meetings but I know it will be essential when I present at our conference.”

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the day, leaving the room more energised than any training course has ever managed previously. This was due to the content of the day in conjunction with the energy and engaging delivery from the two trainers

I selected your training because I felt it would answer questions about my personal effectiveness and this it did very well. I now feel very aware of my impact on others and the reasons for it and am actively working day by day to make necessary changes: principally my posture, taking time to breathe, pacing my delivery.

Many thanks for your very timely, focussed interventions. I've appreciated your sensitivity and insight. You're extremely perceptive, and I feel you've helped me to move forward significantly, and only wish this kind of training had been available much earlier in my career!”