We often take the human voice for granted.  However, if your voice fails to resonate with your audience, they have to work harder to listen and your message will inevitably be compromised.

Our voice is the most powerful communication tool that we possess. The sound of our voice instantly and directly connects us to our audience; it can then express our thoughts, feelings and ideas. In the corporate world, where it is essential to impact on, and influence, a wide variety of audiences, a strong, authentic, resonant voice is essential.

Thus, voice work is not an indulgence: if your voice doesn’t work for you, it will work against you, blocking you from communicating effectively, diminishing your impact and influence, holding you back from achieving your aims and objectives.

In The Craft of Vocal Communication we assess, then address, our clients’ specific vocal issues. Our highly experienced coaches can identify, and help you overcome, those vocal problems that are impeding you. These are a few examples of our clients’ most common vocal issues:

Feedback from our Communication Coaching Programme

The voice coaching sessions over the last two months have definitely helped me to get a much better understanding that my voice can be absolutely critical in getting the message across. I now feel in control of how I speak.

Wonderful. I have learned how to moderate and adjust my voice to the different settings – large groups, speaking as a leader, small groups as a team member, one on one settings.

An excellent, instructive course. I never expect to enjoy these things, but I found myself having such a good time. The games are such a quick way to learn and so much more immediate than the usual lecture. But what I really enjoyed was being let loose on Shakespeare and finding out how to I have never really used my voice.