What we do

Our methodology is unique in the industry. We address the behaviours that underly, determine and often limit effective communication.  Our protocols were developed by combining two apparently contradictory disciplines: Science and Performance. Our founders have expertise in both.

With over twenty years of experience, research and practice, we have combined the Science of Human Communication and the Craft of Performance to create the protocols that underpin the work of Craft of Communication. These are enshrined in our Module Menu, that encompasses all aspects of Human Communication.

Our modular system enables us to design programmes that meet the specific needs of each individual, team or organisation. Our interactive, experiential, practical programmes unlock clients’ potential, support personal development and develop teams leading to enhanced performance and increased productivity.

As our work is rooted in the fundamentals of human communication – both the physiological and the psychological – it is fully compatible with, and can enhance, any other coaching clients may have received as part of their development.  Our ultimate goal is to promote autonomy and support our clients to manage their ongoing personal and professional development.


Our programmes can be delivered in one-to-one coaching sessions to boards, teams
and groups of any size.

All Craft of Communication programmes can be delivered virtually.