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Programmes for Elite and C-Suite clients

Leaders need to express their vision in an authentic, authoritative and inspiring way.

Leaders should never underestimate that how a message is communicated is as important as the message itself. A great new vision can be sabotaged by ineffective communication.

Craft of Communication has expertise to help leaders understand and explore the behaviours that determine their communication, and impact, of their message. Leaders are then introduced to a toolkit of communication skills that enables them to motivate, influence and inspire in a challenging, ever-changing business environment.

The Craft of Leadership Communication Programme is a unique set of modules that combine in-depth, personal communication coaching with a toolkit of high-level technical skills. Our work empowers clients to develop their Personal Presence and an Authentic Communication Style that ensures leaders, as communicators, are as powerful and inspiring as their vision. The modules in this programme are:

  • Impact and Gravitas
  • Personal Presence
  • Influencing Skills
  • Managing Change
  • Managing Conflict
  • Managing Stress
  • Story for Leaders
  • Voice and Vocal Presence for Leaders

Feedback from our Leadership Communication Programmes

“A resounding success. Everyone in the Leadership team is eager to start using their new-found skills and to build on their growing confidence.

“One of the best training programmes we’ve had – online or face to face. The Trainers were excellent – they were able to make it fun and engaging - so welcome when we now spend our days online. There was time for reflection and individual suggestions and tips for improvements, and the chance to try new techniques right at the workshop. I found it really useful for myself and definitely would recommend it for others.”

What I particularly appreciated was the way you made a connection between skills that I am already able to use, like certain kinds of questioning, as a way of solving the problem I’ve been having with different audiences. Your techniques to help me manage audience psychology really helped me with one difficult group. I was able to defuse conflict and take back control of the direction of the meeting. Your whole approach was very enlightening

The training has proved invaluable and not a day goes by where I do not apply it in some form or the other. I would go so far as to say that it might be some of the most useful training I have received in my professional career.

“The whole day was fantastic. I was fully engaged and learned multiple skills that I will be able to use in many different work situations – presenting, facilitating, one to ones, team meetings, conference calls, videoconferences. The Craft of Communication team were an absolute joy to work with