Women, Leadership & Communication

Craft of Communication has been working with women in the business sector for over twenty years.  We have supported Women Leaders, Executives, Team Managers and women during career transitions, empowering them to communicate with authority, authenticity, clarity and eloquence.

The process of communication is complex – cognitively, physiologically and emotionally. However, the rules of engagement, determined by the physics of communication, remain the same: what we think and feel influences our behaviour and, consequently, our communication.

The issues around gender are exceptionally powerful influences, all the more because they often work at an unconscious level. This is known as ‘Unconscious Bias’ and it is present in all of us.

Craft of Communication works with women to bring the Unconscious into the Conscious, building awareness and empowering them to make positive choices and respond effectively. This process enables women to communicate effectively as leaders.

Women, Leadership & Communication empowers female Leaders to fulfil their potential, develop their confidence and personal presence. They build up a personalised toolkit of communication skills that ensure that, in any situation, they are always seen and their voices always heard. This enables them, as women, to lead and inspire.

This unique programme is wholly practical and interactive. There are no lectures; we give clients physical interactive tools and exercises that address the effect of bias on womens’ thought, language, behaviour and communication.

Feedback from our Women and Communication Programmes

I presented to a group of my peers yesterday and it was quite a large group. As usual I felt really tense and nervous before the presentation. So I reminded myself about your session and did the breathing exercises. It worked! I am happy to report that the talk went down very well. I was so pleased! Thanks for all your help. Thanks for reminding me to breathe!

Thank you for a great training. I put my newly found techniques to the test on Friday and, much to my delight, they worked! In the past, they’ve barraged me with questions. This time, even though we had a longer session, and some really important issues to discuss, it was a discussion of equals, not a badgering of the young lady in front of the screen. Phew!

I just wanted to let you know that I had excellent feedback following both my presentation to Chief Exec, specifically regarding clarity of message and delivery. I came away feeling very pleased with myself. The ownership was mine and as a consequence, the success was mine too.