Impactful Virtual Communication

Programme Overview

Craft of Communication have been delivering coaching and training content Virtually for over six years.  Our original objective was twofold, to address environmental concerns, and develop our content to meet the ongoing needs of clients in an ever-changing business environment.  Craft of Communication were therefore ahead of the curve when the global lockdown started, already having years of experience in Virtual Communication.

To support our clients during these very challenging times, we have created a new programme in Impactful Virtual Communication that address video and teleconferencing communication.

The programmes has been designed specifically to be delivered virtually. It is not a substitute for our face to face sessions, but a product of value in and of itself.

Impactful Virtual Communication addresses all the communication issues that arise, as well as the problems of isolation, managing teams remotely, engaging internal and external audiences, communicating Leadership vision and change. 

Our V.C. programmes are designed to help delegates host, facilitate or present a virtual meeting or presentation using video and tele- conferencing suites.

The Craft of Communication team have vast experience of working in TV, Radio, Voice-Over and Film. We understand the complexities of working with technology, particularly communicating via the camera. We have created a unique set of modules, which both explain the problems, and offer the client specialist skills and solutions to overcome the challenges of communicating in the virtual world.

Included in our VC Programmes are the following skills

  • Understand, and manage, the dynamics of communicating via the camera.
  • Develop your physical presence on camera.
  • Develop your vocal impact on camera.
  • Enhance your personal presence on camera.
  • Manage meetings via Zoom, Teams and similar formats.
  • Develop engagement with meeting participants.
  • Manage Q & A sessions with confidence.

Feedback from our Programmes

“An eye opener! I now understand how I come across to other people, how I sound, the tone of my voice, the speed of my speech. It really made me realize that my perception of myself is very different from how people perceive me, and what are the factors that have an influence of these perceptions.”

“Everything on this training was brilliant. It is fantastic to work with people who are not only great business consultants, but really understand what it takes to command an audience. The Craft team gave very interesting different point of view on things we experience daily.”

“Most impressive for me is to see how small steps and improvements can have so much impact.”

“I’m now a lot more aware how they will see me and how I can make my message more clear.”