Creating stories is central to our psyche. It is born out of our instinct to bring order, meaning and purpose to the reality we experience.

Our species rules the planet because we can create stories. Our nearest evolutionary relative, the Great Apes, can mobilise groups of up to eighteen. Homo Sapiens can mobilise millions by creating national, religious or political stories that define their identity, give them a history, sense of purpose and a vision of their future. Story works a subliminal level, drawing its power from psychological archetypes that we all recognize at a very deep level.

Companies, like individuals, families, organisations and nations, need to create and live by their own story. A successful company story brings a sense of direction to teams and individuals.

When companies work well it’s because their Story fits with the Reality they face.

When Reality changes that Story has to change. As the new Company Story is created, problems can arise when individuals who psychologically invested in the company’s previous Story find it difficult to adapt. They can become confused, even angry, because they feel they, and their story, past and identity are of no importance to the organization.

We at Craft of Communication have direct, creative experience in Story-Making. We can help companies, teams and individuals to understand, and then harness, the archetypal power of story. Our programmes on Leadership, Story and Change can help clients to create a new, strong Company Story. We then help leaders to communicate it to their stakeholders, ensuring they feel part of a new, strong Company that can both motivate and give them a faith in the future.