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Programme Overview

Personal Presence, or as we call it at Craft of Communication, ‘Status’ refers to an individual’s Physical State, Standing, Manner, Attitude and Condition – in short, their Behaviour as it is expressed through interactions with others.

Personal Presence enables you to be fully aware of yourself, and others, understand how you come across and what is required for optimal communication in any given scenario.

In this programme, delegates learn about the psychology, physiology, and the behaviours that combine to create Personal Presence.

In the Craft of Communication Personal Presence programme, delegates develop their ability to take command of a room, assume a leadership position amongst various audiences, including during virtual communications.

In The Craft of Developing Personal Presence you learn to

Feedback from our Programmes

“An eye opener! I now understand how I come across to other people, how I sound, the tone of my voice, the speed of my speech. It really made me realize that my perception of myself is very different from how people perceive me, and what are the factors that have an influence of these perceptions.”

“Everything on this training was brilliant. It is fantastic to work with people who are not only great business consultants, but really understand what it takes to command an audience. The Craft team gave very interesting different point of view on things we experience daily.”

“Most impressive for me is to see how small steps and improvements can have so much impact.”

“I’m now a lot more aware how they will see me and how I can make my message more clear.”


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Our client list ranges across many sectors, in both the UK internationally including France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, Lebanon and South Africa. We are developing our work for the US and Asia.