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Accent Softening

Everyone has an accent. At Craft of Communication we celebrate different accents. Our job is to help individuals communicate more effectively.

  • Accent softening is NOT about getting people to eliminate their accent. It is about enhancing clarity.
  • Accents are formed by a series of muscles working a certain way.  This is how you produce rhythm and intonation.
  • When you speak a second language, you speak that language with the muscle setting and muscle memory of your mother tongue.
  • French, for example, often favours vowels and softens the consonants.
  • A native French speaker, speaking in English habitually softens the consonants at the end of the words. Result: one word can run into another and reduce the clarity of their English.
  • We identify and deal with these kinds of issues. We assess the key features of a particular accent that are impeding communication, then, give the speaker exercises to overcome those issue
  • We can deliver this work to groups, or in individually targeted One to One coaching.